Contact Lens Fitting

We take pride in prescribing contact lenses that best suit the needs of your individual lifestyle.

Contact lens Fitting - For first time contact lens wearers Dr. Kouri or Dr. Betten with one of our contact lens technicians will provide you with contact lens instruction and care.

Yearly contact lens eye examination - Since contact lenses actually rest on the surface of the eye, we will provide a series of tests yearly to determine your eye health and evaluate your vision correction. This is important to maintain your best possible eye health and visual acuity.

Recommended six month corneal health checks - We recommend a six month check to pick up early signs of problems that you may not notice. This provides us with the opportunity to make adjustments in lens design, fit, or cleaning regimen when necessary to keep you comfortable and seeing your best.

Contact lenses - We offer a large variety of contact lenses to suit your lifestyle. Disposable, Toric, Yearly replacement, Bifocal, Gas permeable, and Colored.